Features of style in different countries

Fashion world leaders dictate the fashion style in different countries. Waiting for news of the upcoming season, we are interested in displays of fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York. Each of you will say that they are very different, and why? Yes, it’s simple! Any trends of the season in different countries interpreted differently. This is explained by the peculiarities of national identity. So let’s look at the most obvious of them and know that this will put a Frenchwoman, what ever you do not see a Russian woman
Speaking on the national characteristics of fashion and style, it is appropriate to raise Street Style fashionistas around the world. You can talk about high fashion, but a true genuine flavor you will only see on the street.


So, England – is the perfection of street style, trendsetter which are considered to be Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn. They are an amazing combination of vintage items, English classics and trendy new items. London dandies create their everyday image of the things with the latest fashion shows and stuff with the “flea market”. Street Style England – is the ease and immediacy of a little rebellion. Therefore, on the streets of London you will also notice elements of rock and roll style: leather jackets and boots with laces.

Germany – is the epitome of comfort and practicality of urban style. German brand clothes – a simple cut, simple design and natural materials. German mods are willing to sacrifice style for your everyday comfort.

Italy – elegance, charm and chic even in Street Style. Italian – beautiful and stylish women who want to emphasize this. Complex intricate cut, the fabric of different textures, rich color palette and lots of accessories – all of it is typical for street style in Italy, which is always fraught with fashion trends. Look stylish and be a trend – is a daily challenge for every Italian.

France – sensuality and femininity in any manner. Light chiffon dress, beret, scarves and expensive shoes. That’s shoes – a key point of any image Frenchwoman. Not having a decent shoes, all the other elements attire lose any significance.

Japan – the impact of the Japanese designer Kenzo Takada felt everywhere. Free silhouettes, ethnographic motifs, bright colors and unusual prints – are all present in the Japanese Street Style. Another direction of Japanese street style – this anime. Women of different ages in the form of cute little animals or a serial killer with colored hair and big eyes just walk down the street. You will not see this anywhere else.

Russia – the emergence of street style. Street Style in Russia is still developing, so it is difficult to identify any clear characteristic of the Russian fashionistas trends. Worth noting is that Street Style in Russia – it is always individual vision and bold intuitive combination of fashionable things. And fashionistas on the streets of Moscow always different from Peter mods or other megacities

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