buying the best shower faucet

Tips for buying the best shower faucet

When choosing the right type of shower faucet, there are several different factors that you may want to take into consideration today. Some of the most essential components in the best tub shower faucet set usually include the following:

  • shower valves
  • the configuration and type
  • water pressure
  • Accessories

All of these are things that you need to pay close attention to before you finalize your decision to buy. Therefore, when you are shopping around for your next shower faucet, you may want to start your search by looking the different kinds of shower valves that’s presently on the market in this industry.

Tip #1. Match Your Shower Faucet with Your Bathtub Faucet

When you are selecting a shower faucet, you need to make sure that you are considering the overall décor. For instance, if you want the entire bathroom to look like a picture from a popular magazine, you need to mix and match these designs in a specific manner. Simply put, you do not want to install a gold shower faucet with a silver bathtub faucet unless you know exactly what types of décor that you are trying to present. You should also consider the other bathroom taps that you have installed as well. The goal is to make sure that you have that polished look in your bathrooms when this project is finished.

Tip #2 – Choose the Right Shower Valves

In addition to mixing and matching the bathroom tub tap with the bathroom shower faucet, you need to also consider the types of shower valves that you want to use, too. This is the part of the plumbing that allows you to control the flow of the water. Though this valve is actually controlled by your hand, the valve itself is not a visible part of the shower faucet that anyone will see. Instead, you should choose the best shower water faucet valve based on its overall functionality. For instance, the shower valve comes in at least 2 forms that will allow you to control the flow of the water with manual options or through a thermostatic feature.

Manual option – do it yourself – turn on and off the flow of the water

Thermostatic option – turns on and off the flow of the water based on a set temperature reading

Some people prefer the thermostatic valve option because of its overall safety features. This is because this temperature option is designed to prevent someone from scalding their head and body in the shower when the temperature rises above a specific temperature. This is also a feature that helps to control the flow of the water when someone turns on the cold water faucets in other areas of the home. Or, the water flow may also be disrupted when someone flushes the toilet. In either case, the shower valve that you select can make a huge difference in the water flow and the safety of an individual in the shower.

buying the best shower faucet

Tip #3 -. Select the Best Fit for Configuration and Type

When you are searching around for a faucet, you may have more than one option to make your selections from. So, you may opt for buying and installing a solo shower head for your shower faucet. On the other hand, you may opt for an all-in-one combination. The all-in-one combinations include both the bathroom faucet and the shower tap as one complete set.

You should also know that there are different types of shower taps that’s available on the market, and they come in 5 main categories. Here are the 5 options that you can make your selections from and a brief description of each.

  • single-head spray shower heads
  • rain showers
  • dual and multiple shower heads
  • hand-held shower heads
  • body sprays

Single-head spray shower

If you decide to buy the single-head spray shower head, you may or may not know that it has been designed with 4 or more individual nozzles. These individual nozzles will help to distribute the sprays of the waters into certain patterns. You will also see that the nozzles on this type of shower head are adjustable. And, when you adjust the nozzles a certain way, the pattern may be small and concentrated in little streams or may be adjusted to widen the streams that come from the single-head showers.

Rain showers

When you buy a rain shower, you will see that the design is flat and large. The rain shower is designed in a way that the water sprays straight down and is suspended directly above the user when it is on.

Multiple shower heads

Based on the amount of research that you do, you may want to think about installing a dual and multiple shower head feature. This is an option that you can control by one set of levels or a multi-level handle. These multiple shower heads are normally mounted into the wall. And, based on the homeowner’s preferences, they may select the multiple shower heads with a diverter valve. With this use of this diverter valve, the user may choose one or more ways to operate the shower head. For instance, if the user chooses to do so, they may choose the features that allow them to operate both shower heads simultaneously.

buying the best shower faucet

Hand-held shower heads

The Hand-held shower head is one of the most versatile types of shower heads available in this industry since it has many beneficial uses. For instance, the hand held shower head is designed specifically for getting into hard to reach places. And, based on the need, a hand held shower is highly desirable for people who are dealing with limited mobility issues. In some cases, this may mean sitting down inside the shower to wash and rinse the entire body thoroughly without having to stand at any point in time.

Body Spray Shower faucets

Another shower faucet that is available as a possible option is the body spray shower faucet tap. This type of shower faucet is integrated inside of the shower wall. And, they are designed in one of the following ways, as flat and almost flush with the walls surfaces or as compact nozzles.

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